Expanding membership to all Graduates enhances opportunities to connect with and support each other, stay in touch with the academy, and support cadets.


Benefits of Membership

  • You earned your membership when you graduated from the Air Force Academy. Membership gives you a voice in voting on alumni decisions and who represents you on the AOG board of directors.
  • With you, we are stronger. Your experiences, voice and perspective help inform our actions and ensure inclusivity today, and for decades to come.
  • Members are the first to know about important items that impact our Academy, cadets and graduates and ensure our bond, the Long Blue Line, remains steadfast.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to the significant contributions of our over 30,000 founding members, and from the desire to connect all graduates to their Association and their Academy, we are now able to exemplify our name as the Association of (All) Graduates.

By moving to an inclusive and dues-free membership, we can gain better understanding of and deliver meaningful support to Long Blue Line needs.

  • Voting
  • Checkpoints
  • Graduate Directory

To see a full listing of our membership benefits visit: https://www.usafa.org/Membership/Benefits

Yes, we believe all graduates should have a voice in their Alumni Association and a chance to vote on who represents them on our Board of Directors. By becoming a member of the AOG, you will have a vote on who represents you on the AOG board and, as needed, on changes to our bylaws. This is a key benefit of opting into membership in the AOG.

To communicate the rollout of membership for all graduates, the Association of Graduates held meetings in late 2021 with our elected Board of Directors, Class Advisory Senate members, and Chapter, Affinity, and Parent Club Presidents to make sure our broad release to all 51,000 living graduates is informed and consistent. Additionally, we have provided launch materials to those same groups, and class scribes have received information kits to share with their classmates. Finally, Legacy members have received details in the December 2021 issue of Checkpoints, specifically in the letter from the AOG board of directors chair on page 6 of the magazine. The rollout communications also include our newsletters and social media.

Yes, those members who have paid for lifetime membership, or annual dues equating to lifetime members, will continue to receive, on a quarterly basis, printed copies of Checkpoints. We also provide an online version of Checkpoints, including video features.

If you do not currently receive the printed Checkpoints and were not a member before our new membership-for-all-graduates model, watch for a subscription opportunity in the future.

Colorado Revised Statute § 7-126-102 requires membership Opt-in. See below:

  • Admission.
    1. No person shall be admitted as a member without such person's consent.

To opt-in for your membership use the form above.

Membership for All Graduates requires completion of your Air Force Academy degree. Any affiliated members can join at a cost of $60/year annually or for the lifetime member price of $600.